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Hotel Bab Sahara in Atar, Adrar Region Sahara Desert, Mauritania

My stay in Bab Sahara was incredible. It was like a sunshine on my heavy trip coming from Terjit. I left Terjit in the morning and I had a problem with my car. The oil pump had broken and the car was loosing oil like hell. It was kind of funny cos as we got to the city entrance, we had to show our passports (the usual passport control), and the policeman very stresses said, hey go go and fix your car, your getting yourself into trouble if you ‘ fix it quick. Go away. hehe. So we went to find Bab Sahara. We arrived in Bab Sahara and were very welcome. The hotel has this amazing relaxing environment given by its dutch owners.

Unique Qualities: Tents, small houses also can be rented. The price for each person sleeping on the tents are of 1500UM or 5 euros. very cheap for a hotel this quality. You have everything cleaned which is hard to find in Mauritania. Kitchen also available, resting area, all in one. Very nice indeed.

The owner help me fixing my car. Very nice person. Once i told him, you have a very nice hotel here. He said no, I have my house, this is not a hotel its my house. So that’s why the quality of this place here in Atar is explained. Thank you for the amazing staying.

On the picture you have the resting area of the camping. Very relaxing environment with some books and paintings. Picture with Xana, Patricia and Eric having their breakfast.


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