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Cabano Coast, Region Dakhlet Nouadhibou, Mauritania

Cabano coast is maybe around 2 kilometres from Nouadhibou. It’s a place where uncommon rock contruction meets the sea.
Cabano is also the place of mystery meetings here in Nouadhibou for white moors. There are a few shacks where local males take their mistresses away from the city eyes…

If you go for a walk on the sea shore you’ll notice a few little fishermen villages.

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Directions: After the airport walk 1 kilometre heading the coast.

Another view of the coast. Now only water and a fishermen little boat. Its possible that he’s under water catching some things i don’t know the name in English sorry… very informative this tip right? It lives for the image of course…he he ;o)

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Airport Tracks, Nouadhibou, Mauritania

Indeed unusual is to pass an airport track by foot. It’s very easy here in Nouadhibou. Just go to the Numerowat district and in direction of the ocean pass the fence without the guard sees you and you’re there. If someone asks what is your business there just say you’re heading Cap Cabano and you had no idea how to reach it. Of course this tip is under Dangerous Places cos it is in fact and everyone knows it already. Just to reminde a nice way to get to Cabano Bay! 😀

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